4 Reasons Why Office Design Matters

Whether you’re just getting your start-up off the ground or you’re looking to revamp your office space, it’s absolutely vital that you think about what you’re trying to achieve with the overall look of the office. After all, the way your office looks has a huge impact on the way that both staff and clients perceive your company. Here’s why office design is so important:

1. Creating a positive atmosphere

Obviously, you want to keep your staff happy and this can be achieved through good office design. If the workspace looks tired and drab it’s likely to affect the mood of your workers. Letting this fester is a bad idea! So, try adding some colour to the space. Warm colours such as shades of orange or beige create a welcoming environment; while blues and purples promote tranquillity. Choose the mood you’re trying to create and let the colours do the talking.

2. Leaving a lasting impression

It’s also important to make sure the office looks aesthetically pleasing for when clients come to visit. In particular, you want the design to look professional from the moment they step inside. That’s why having a great-looking reception area is key. Also think about branding when it comes to office design. The décor should ultimately reflect your brand. Add signage that clearly displays your logo to make sure it sticks in the client’s mind when they’ve left the building.

3. Promoting productivity

Research has shown that office design has an effect on the way we work. An open space with lots of natural light is the best environment to work in. Breaking down barriers in the workplace also encourages productivity by bringing staff together and encouraging cooperation. That means you should avoid cubicles and partitions when it comes to the design and include elements that promote hot desking for example.

4. Making the best use of the space

When planning the design you should think about how you can use every single inch of space you have available. Efficiency is vital when it comes to office design because it could help to reduce costs. Try incorporating storage into desks and introducing mobile technology into the office to save on space.

As you can see there’s a lot to consider when it comes to office design. An ergonomic and efficient design is an effective one. But don’t forget to make it aesthetically pleasing too to keep staff and clients happy.