4 steps to make your office space a hub of productivity

The office is an essential part of any business. It’s the hub of activity, so if it isn’t a nice, comfortable space, it’ll have a negative impact on your employees.

But what’s the right way to furnish your office?

Is there a right way?

It’s your office so you can do whatever you like with it, and both traditional layouts and wacky layouts have worked for various companies in the past.

If you don’t know about Google’s Zurich office then do a quick internet search. That’s a wacky office, but it’s a hot-spot for productivity so they’re clearly doing something right!

Mix it up

Your employees are going to spend the majority of their week in the office. If it’s a grey and drab place then how do you think they’ll feel walking in every day?

They’ll most likely feel grey and drab!

Try adding a little variety to office life. Spice it up by adding splashes of colour with different flowers, office chairs, and desks. It’s a well known fact that vibrant colours can help your employees feel happier and more productive!

Don’t clutter the office

Many businesses try and stuff as much equipment as they can into one space so that everything is accessible to employees. The printer is to hand, the water cooler right next to them.

This will improve efficiency, right?

Well no, it won’t; in fact it’ll make the office feel stuffy and mean that your employees don’t have the opportunity to get up and stretch their legs.


Your employees are going to spend a large portion of their time in the office each week, and most of that time is sat in an office chair, typing away, eyes glued to a screen.

You need to make sure they’re comfortable, not just for productivity but for their health too!

Poor equipment and posture can lead to a whole host of problems so make sure you purchase things like wrist rests, quality chairs and so on.

First impressions count

If clients and other businesses visit your office then it’s important that you give them a good first impression. You want them to choose you so it’s important to look professional.

If you don’t already have a reception desk then make sure you get one, it makes your company premises look a lot more professional. Don’t let your office furniture deteriorate, make sure that you keep it clean and in good working condition.

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