5 signs your office is creative

There’s a lot to be said for effective office design. We’ve witnessed every type of office you can imagine at Reception Desks Online, some have been amazing others less awe-inspiring and it’s made us wonder, what’s the secret to a successful office layout?

We think a number of factors contribute to an office fail. To be successful your work area needs a few of these creative factors.

A good look

Getting the colour scheme right is a good way to induce a little creativity within the work place. Did you know colours have a direct influence on mood? Blue office schemes for example are linked with innovative ideas, green nurtures creativity and yellow themes promote a happy, ‘chatty’ environment. Steer clear of plain whites if you want to inspire your team.

Background noise

Is your office soulless or lifeless, can you hear a penny drop at any time of the day? Research shows that a little background noise is actually good for a workforce. People that listen to music for example within an office environment are often more productive and enjoy greater creativity than folks who simply beaver away in silence.

Subtle scents

The smell of an office makes your more creative as well. Aromatherapy within the office produces positive results. Lemon, Lavender and Jasmine stimulate the mind, they transform your mood and nurture productivity.


Start working in a trendy office and you might notice a few executive toys lying on desks. They inspire creative minds and help to fuel the ideas of the future, in fact, toys are great for an ingenious workspace. Whether you like ‘stress balls’, ‘finger drums’ or the tried and tested ‘Newton’s Cradle’, it’s fun to unlock your innovative side with help from a few desk based toys.

Chill-out zones

Does your office have a funky chill-out zone where you can switch off from work for a while? Most of the forward-thinking companies provide fun areas where workers can relax with pool tables, games consoles and fun activities. Create a cool chilled zone and workers will go back to their desk full of vigour and innovative ideas.

Offices with the above features are creative and fun. Does your business tick any of these boxes?