6 things everyone should have at their desk

Your desk is the centre of working life. You probably spend more time there than anywhere else. So it’s important that you have stuff that will benefit your work around you.

Here, we’re going to look at 6things that everyone should keep on their desk.

A snack – There’s nothing worse than trying to push your way through a pile of work when you’re hungry.

But you still have two hours before dinner!

Always keep some healthy snacks on your desk. Fruit, nuts, health biscuits… take your pick.

Cash – Providing you consider your desk as a safe place, leave a small amount of cash in a drawer. You never know when a colleague could organise a spontaneous lunch out or you need to run and grab a coffee.

A notebook – Notebooks are great for scribbling down ideas, taking to meetings or making notes when you’re on the phone. So pick up a pack of pens and a notebook and keep it on your desk. You’ll be glad to have it by you next time you come up with that brilliant idea!

Motivation – No matter how much you love your job, you’ll always have the odd day that you struggle to get through. And it’s on those days that you need something to motivate you back into the productive demon you usually are.

That motivation all depends on you. It could be anything, from a family photo to a book. Just make sure it’s to hand.

Business cards – Why would you keep your business cards at your desk? Well, how often do new people come into your office? Do clients stop by regularly?

If you’re answering yes, then you need to have business cards at the ready. Succeeding is all about connecting!

A book – You don’t always want to hit the cafeteria or head out at lunch, do you? Sometimes you’d find it easier to just stay at your desk. And that’s fine! But you do need a break from your computer screen. So if you are going to stay at your desk for lunch, make sure there’s something you can do.