Happy New Year!

We hope you have all enjoyed the festive season and set yourselves some achievable goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

Ours, of course, will be to manufacture and deliver reception desks and storage units that meet the requirements of our clients and, at every opportunity, exceed their expectations.

Image result for new year 2018         Image result for resolutions list 2018     Good luck!!

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and then the NEW YEAR!. Yes 2018 is nearly upon us.

We have had a busy year manufacturing and delivering reception desk and storage units to schools, offices, veterinary surgeries, dentists, storage companies and nursing homes in all parts of the UK mainland from Inverness to Bournemouth and lots of places in-between. 

We would like to wish all of our past and future clients a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR, may you all prosper and grow in the coming year. 


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Curved Reception Desk

Large curved reception desk with built in storage

Usually large curved reception desks are expensive but our Aero reception desk that we manufacture in house is not only cost effective but also has a choice of built in storage. 

Aero tall beech.332   Aero Beech with cupboard.318   Aero high walnut & white.326

Aero low with shelves    Aero Beech with cupboard.319   Aero high walnut.324

Aero 001   Aero Beech with cupboard.321   Aero high Walnut with shelves


The Aero reception desk comes with 2 options for storage, open shelf storage or drawer storage (2 x 2 or 3 drawer mobile under desk pedestals). Also available is a matching 3 door cupboard.


How To Survive Summer In An Air-Conditioned Office

The air conditioning in an office is often a source of conflict, particularly between men and women. Air conditioning temperatures are typically set according to research that was carried out in the 1960s; a study that used the standard metabolic rate of a middle aged, 150lb man to determine the optimum temperature for an air-conditioned office.

Back then, the workforce was largely dominated by men, so the temperature setting made more sense than it does now. Modern offices have an equal mix of male and female employees, and a study published in 2015 by Maastricht University in the Netherlands found that women actually fare better in warmer environments than men; 25°C and 22°C respectively.

With that in mind, how can workers in a modern office keep themselves warm or cool enough during the working day? Continue reading





ONLY £1020.00 including vat and our standard delivery and installation you can have a new reception desk and matching storage.

IMG_0378    IMG_0382    IMG_0384

Finished in Walnut MFC and Laminate, the  reception desk is 2400mm x 1700mm, it can be a left or right hand configuration. It comes with a 3 drawer mobile under-desk pedestal and a large 800mm wide x 500mm deep x 1600mm high 2 door cupboard with 3 shelves.


Large Storage wall – only £500.00 + VAT  for collection only,  or £725.00 + VAT including standard delivery and installation.

SV400018 - Copy (2)         SV400023 - Copy

This very large storage wall central shelf unit will solve all of your storage problems it is

It is finished in Ash laminate with a Walnut open unit to the centre and is 3170mm wide x 2250mm high x 500mm deep.
All your reception /office/ classroom or staff room storage needs in one place!  It is all fully lockable with each unit having a 3 point locking system.
Standard delivery and installation:  the assembly, leveling and fastening together of the reception / storage  units supplied the dimensions discussed with and agreed to by the client to a ground floor location (with adequate parking) cleared and ready, anytime between the hours of 7am to 5pm* Monday to Friday. No other on-site work is carried out (*time at our convenience).

 Our ranges of reception desks and storage units have panel end legs and backs therefore if they are to go against a wall the wall must be flat without skirting boards or plug sockets prior to the delivery.

Should you require a specially timed, dated or non-ground floor delivery (non –standard) there will be an extra charge.

Please check carefully that these special offer items will fit your proposed areas as they are being sold as set sizes as shown. We cannot be held responsible if the units do not fit the proposed area(s).

For further information call 01422 382788.

Calling all Schools!

Calling all schools,  

How time flies, the summer holidays will soon be upon us and so now is the time to be thinking about any refurbishments you r school needs such as classroom and cloakroom storage, library and / or reception area refurbishments.

School furniture.

Reception desks on line not only manufacture reception desks but also school storage and cloakroom storage.

We can help with all of the above! 

Classroom and cloakroom storage, we have a wide range of classroom storage units available in wood effect or plain colours. We offer bespoke units as one size dos not fit all!

16 tray - 2 x 8   3 bay8   12 with doors 8   Copy of SV400093


Library units. We can offer add to book storage units or a full library refurbishment, including the seating.

SV400024 SV400019 SV400009 SV400029


For further images and information regarding our school storage units please see our website. www.schoolstorageonline.co.uk

Reception desks. We have ranges of modular reception desk to suit any reception area and for strength and durability our reception desks have 18mm thick straight modesty panels with the curved modesty panels being laminated MDF.

Wolverhampton Uni 02 - Copy    SV400049   SV400027   SV400017

We have a variety of wood effect and coloured panels to choose from so you can make your reception desk bespoke without the bespoke price tag.

So whatever you require we can help

Entertaining the Children in the office!

The school holidays are upon us and if you like me occasionally have to bring a child or grandchild into work her are a few of tips that may help.

1, Put a second keyboard (not connected!) next to yours and let then time away with you so that they can be pretending to work with you. Interest rating. 3-4 minutes ( if your lucky)

2, Give then lots of your printer paper and all of you highlighters (you can always buy more) and apparently baby oil brings highlighter off delicate skin without too much scrubbing! Interest rating – depends on how long the highlighters last!

3, Let them laminate all of the pictures they have drawn, with supervision of course, and then remember to buy more laminating pouches. Interest rating – until you run out of laminating pouches.

4, If you have any boxes lying about give them to the children, they can create the most wonderful things and this will keep them occupied. Interest rating  for a  5 to 10 minutes depending on how many boxes you have.

5, Bubble wrap, children love to pop bubble wrap (as do adults) it is also good to use to “dress up” with a role of Selotape you just might get an interest rating of 10 minutes from this!


1, Selotape with one child is fine but with two may cause problems and never ever let them near packaging tape.

2, Children always need to use the toilet at least five times more often than when at home.

3, Never leave the phone unattended with the children near as you client just might find our that mummy/grandma has gone for a wee!.

Hope these help! if you have any tips on “children in the office” then please let me know.

Brexit is here!

Whether you were for it or against it the wait is now over as it has finally happened. Will it be for the good of the nation?. We will wait and see but in the meantime we still need to keep a stiff upper lip and show our customers that we are carrying on as normal!

So now is the best time to spruce up your reception area by replacing that old dull reception desk with a brighter, friendlier, more approachable reception desk in the colours of our Great British nation.

                     Red,                                       White,                                           Blue,          

SV400016                 IMG_0166           Maple and Blue

The above reception desks are from our Flex range of reception desks that are available in a variety of finishes.

We also have other ranges that are also available in a variety of wood effect and plain coloured finishes.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Job Interviews (Infographic)

A face-to-face interview is your chance to make a good impression and sell yourself to a potential new employer. However, it’s also when you’re at your most vulnerable, and if you’ve not prepared properly for the interview you may find it a wasted opportunity.

There are a number of things that you should and shouldn’t do in an interview setting, and we’ve compiled twenty of the key dos and don’ts of interviews into this handy infographic. Read on, take heed, and good luck in your next interview!

Continue reading

A reception desk to suit your requirements

Usually large curved reception desks are expensive but our Aero reception desk that we manufacture in house is not only cost effective but for March 2017 it’s our special offer reception. We are offering 20% off all orders of standard Areo reception desks ordered this month.

Aero tall beech.333

A standard Aero reception desk.

If the Aero reception desk isn’t quite what you are looking for we do offer 3 other ranges of modular reception desk and we can also offer bespoke reception desks and counters. here are some examples of what we can offer our clients.

school (2)  school SV400004 Wolverhampton Uni 02 - Copy ML & S04 SV400009 - Copy

The above examples are a mix of standard and bespoke reception desks and counter. So if your looking for something a little bit different give us a call.