Libraries for schools!

We were asked if we could furnish a library for a local primary school and we did!

We think we did it very well!.  What do you think?.

SV400010     SV400029     SV400019

A cosy corner to c0mpare books.                   An interesting table.                            A quiet seat for one!

SV400025      SV400014     SV400021

Lots of space for the books!                  Hooks for the scatter cushion bags        Even a mobile unit for the teacher!

So now Reception desk online can offer library units as well as reception desks!

Special Offer for February 2016

Monthly Special Offer

Every month we have a special offer where we offer a discount off a selected reception desk or combination of reception units and for February 2016 we are offering a 20% discount off all standard Classic reception desk ordered this month.

  Yes! 20% discount for everyone who orders a standard unit Classic reception desk this month .


Examples of our Classic Reception desks

                      Wolverhampton Uni 02 - Copy   Ameon 02

For more information about this special offer contact Susan on 01422 382788

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