Hiring a receptionist? Here’s what to look for

Skilled receptionists are in high-demand. They help businesses stay on top of admin work, they portray the business for client’s who come visiting your office, and they can help up morale. But what makes a good receptionist and how can you ensure you are hiring one?

To help, we have put together a quick rundown on what to look for when hiring a receptionist. Continue reading

Organising your desk – how to do it right

The office desk. You spend more time there than pretty much anywhere else in your life, so it needs to be organised. Otherwise, it’ll hinder your workflow and kill productivity.

But where do you even start when it comes to organising your desk?

What needs to stay? What can go? What should you buy?

Here’s our rundown on organising your work desk. Continue reading

Get noticed at work – boost your chances of promotion this way!

It’s hard to get noticed in the office if there are a number of co-workers all performing the same job as you. This isn’t a problem if you are happy to go along with the nine-to-five, it could be a slight issue if you want to ask for a raise, or would like to boost your job prospects with a view to gaining promotion at some point in your career.   Continue reading