Avoiding Accidents In The Office

Keep an eye on the floors

Make sure carpets or flooring are not ripped, and floorboards are not loose, to avoid trips and falls. Check that rugs are always laid flat too and not positioned in the way of doors or chairs.

Clean up any spills straight away to prevent slips, and leave a sign or notify the rest of the office if the floor has been mopped and is still wet.

Loose wires and cables

Every office will have some form of electrical equipment so keep an eye on all wires and cables so that they are tucked safely out of the way. It is possible to have special storage units under desks for example, to keep wires tidy and hidden.

Have clear safety signs

Knowing where the nearest fire exit is, and the first aid kit and fire-extinguisher is imperative. You should be told this on your first day when you start a new job, but if you’re not sure ask. Keep all doors and exits clear and easy to get to.

Wobbly desks or chairs

If you are aware of a faulty or broken desk or chair it needs to be reported immediately in case of accidents. We offer a wide variety of reliable, practical and stylish desks to suit all needs, from offices and schools, to homes and businesses.

Everyone is different so adjust your office chair to suit your height, in order for your thighs to be horizontal with the floor and your feet flat. Also ensure the backrest properly supports your lower back, and ask for any further aids you may need.

Inadequate Lighting

You need to be able to concentrate during office hours so if there is inadequate lighting you will be causing your eyes unnecessary strain and damage, as well as hindering your own progress. All offices must be well lit; adjust your compute screen’s brightness if needed.