What not to do at the office Christmas party

The festive season is almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing: the office Christmas party is imminent! You’ve worked hard all year and the company are rewarding you with an all expenses paid party. It’s a chance to let your hair down and join your colleagues in getting into the Christmas spirit; however, there are a few rules that you should abide by when it comes to the office Christmas party… Continue reading

How to make your office more festive this year

As December approaches many offices up and down the country start preparing for Christmas. If your office shuts down over Christmas and New Year then you may have a lot of work on at the moment in preparation. However, an increased workload shouldn’t mean you can’t find time to inject a bit of festive cheer into your working day! Here are some simple tips to help you and your colleagues feel more festive this December… Continue reading

How to become a good receptionist


Keeping a schedule is essential for getting through the day and week; you can order tasks by their priority to help you work through them. It can also help to have a properly ordered filing system. Make sure it is arranged in the best way for you. Important phone numbers need to be kept handy at all times to maximise efficiency and minimise any rushing or panicking. Continue reading

Avoiding Accidents In The Office

Keep an eye on the floors

Make sure carpets or flooring are not ripped, and floorboards are not loose, to avoid trips and falls. Check that rugs are always laid flat too and not positioned in the way of doors or chairs.

Clean up any spills straight away to prevent slips, and leave a sign or notify the rest of the office if the floor has been mopped and is still wet. Continue reading

5 signs your office is creative

There’s a lot to be said for effective office design. We’ve witnessed every type of office you can imagine at Reception Desks Online, some have been amazing others less awe-inspiring and it’s made us wonder, what’s the secret to a successful office layout?

We think a number of factors contribute to an office fail. To be successful your work area needs a few of these creative factors. Continue reading

Discover simple ways to be healthier at work

We supply desks to a variety of businesses at Reception Desks Online, our delivery team is as fit as a fiddle and the rest of our team likes to stay trim as well.

How do you stay trim if you spend the vast amount of your day working behind a reception desk though, or stay seated at your office desk during the 9 – 5?

We’ve thought of a few ideas to stay healthy at work, change your routine and try these easy to implement ideas. Continue reading

Easy ways to create the perfect reception area

A reception is the first area clients and customers see when they visit your premises. This is the zone that welcomes them to the company, it’s the entranceway to your empire and you have one shot at making a good impression.

We have a stylish range of solutions at Reception Desks Online designed to improve the look and appeal of your company. Continue reading