How To Survive Summer In An Air-Conditioned Office

The air conditioning in an office is often a source of conflict, particularly between men and women. Air conditioning temperatures are typically set according to research that was carried out in the 1960s; a study that used the standard metabolic rate of a middle aged, 150lb man to determine the optimum temperature for an air-conditioned office.

Back then, the workforce was largely dominated by men, so the temperature setting made more sense than it does now. Modern offices have an equal mix of male and female employees, and a study published in 2015 by Maastricht University in the Netherlands found that women actually fare better in warmer environments than men; 25°C and 22°C respectively.

With that in mind, how can workers in a modern office keep themselves warm or cool enough during the working day? Continue reading

The Dos And Don’ts Of Job Interviews (Infographic)

A face-to-face interview is your chance to make a good impression and sell yourself to a potential new employer. However, it’s also when you’re at your most vulnerable, and if you’ve not prepared properly for the interview you may find it a wasted opportunity.

There are a number of things that you should and shouldn’t do in an interview setting, and we’ve compiled twenty of the key dos and don’ts of interviews into this handy infographic. Read on, take heed, and good luck in your next interview!

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8 Ways To Be More Mindful At Work – Infographic

We all live such busy lives, constantly juggling work, family, and social commitments, as well as trying to find time to eat right, exercise, and indulge in some self-care. Eventually something has to give, and often it is self-care that is the first thing to take a backseat in life, with many people pushing work and family to the top of their list of priorities.

Whilst it is important to do a good job at work, raise your family well, and keep up with friends and acquaintances, it’s also vitally important that you look after yourself too. Continue reading

How to cope with the office air con wars

Summer is just around the corner and the weather is already starting to heat up. Rising temperatures and sunny weather mean that offices and workplaces up and down the country will begin to make good use of their air conditioning systems to keep employees cool. However, you could walk into any office in the country and you’d be guaranteed to find several people, typically women, wrapped up in scarves and coats to combat the icy cold air that fills their workspace. Continue reading

The five most common fire hazards in the office

When we think about dangerous working environments, images of construction sites, heavy plant machinery, and hazardous substances spring to mind. But it isn’t just these types of working environments that are dangerous. Offices, on the surface, look like safe havens without risk but that isn’t always the case. There are a lot of things that pose a risk in an office, from trip and slips, to fire hazards. Continue reading

Hiring a receptionist? Here’s what to look for

Skilled receptionists are in high-demand. They help businesses stay on top of admin work, they portray the business for client’s who come visiting your office, and they can help up morale. But what makes a good receptionist and how can you ensure you are hiring one?

To help, we have put together a quick rundown on what to look for when hiring a receptionist. Continue reading

Organising your desk – how to do it right

The office desk. You spend more time there than pretty much anywhere else in your life, so it needs to be organised. Otherwise, it’ll hinder your workflow and kill productivity.

But where do you even start when it comes to organising your desk?

What needs to stay? What can go? What should you buy?

Here’s our rundown on organising your work desk. Continue reading