Get noticed at work – boost your chances of promotion this way!

It’s hard to get noticed in the office if there are a number of co-workers all performing the same job as you. This isn’t a problem if you are happy to go along with the nine-to-five, it could be a slight issue if you want to ask for a raise, or would like to boost your job prospects with a view to gaining promotion at some point in your career.   Continue reading

Killer skills to nail it as a receptionist

Receptionists are the first point of contact for companies. This is an important role. Not everyone is suited to this position, it takes a special skill set and you need a particular type of personality to nail it as front of house staff.

Strong customer service skills will certainly help if you are considering a role as a receptionist. You need to be on your game throughout the working day, utilising a host of talents to perform effectively in this role, create a great first impression by strengthening in these areas.        Continue reading

Five brilliant desk based exercises you can do every day

It’s hard to stay in shape if you are seated at a desk all day. Most days your body is fairly immobile as you sit there, tapping various buttons on a keyboard whilst staring silently at the screen placed on your desk.

Keeping fit whilst at work isn’t easy, but even the most gym-phobic person can do a little exercise in the office, even if they are stuck behind a desk from nine ‘til five.  Here are some steps you can take to become healthier at work, try these exercises when you get a spare minute or two.         Continue reading