Special Offer for February 2016

Monthly Special Offer

Every month we have a special offer where we offer a discount off a selected reception desk or combination of reception units and for February 2016 we are offering a 20% discount off all standard Classic reception desk ordered this month.

  Yes! 20% discount for everyone who orders a standard unit Classic reception desk this month .


Examples of our Classic Reception desks

                      Wolverhampton Uni 02 - Copy   Ameon 02

For more information about this special offer contact Susan on 01422 382788

Discover simple ways to be healthier at work

We supply desks to a variety of businesses at Reception Desks Online, our delivery team is as fit as a fiddle and the rest of our team likes to stay trim as well.

How do you stay trim if you spend the vast amount of your day working behind a reception desk though, or stay seated at your office desk during the 9 – 5?

We’ve thought of a few ideas to stay healthy at work, change your routine and try these easy to implement ideas. Continue reading

Our top tips for creating a home office

So you’ve started to work from home. You’re enjoying having more time with the kids and not having to do the hellish commute. But you’re becoming a little tired of having to work on your kitchen table and perched on your bed.

So it’s time to make space for your home office. You can finally do it.

To help you make the most productive room possible we’ve put together our top tips for creating your very own home office. Continue reading