Desk functionality for beginners

How functional would you say your desk is? Is it clutter-free, clean and tidy, ready to support you throughout the working day, or is just a mess, strewn with paperwork, dirty cups and littered with useless junk that hinders rather than helps your daily activities?

Desk functionality is vital to improve the efficiency of office staff. Take these steps if you want to work with greater efficiency each day, impress your boss and make life easier for yourself.

Chuck out desk tat

When was the last time you had a good clearout at work? Have you ever cleaned or tidied your desk? Sure, the overnight office cleaner will get rid of most of the dust but they won’t remove the pile of rubbish you keep stored on your desk each day. Sift through old paperwork, take those mouldy cups back to the canteen, remove the unopened sachets of soup that have lain strewn across your desk for the last three years and are well beyond their use by date. A clean desk is a healthy desk that actively promotes a positive working environment.

Optimise your work zone

Next check the functionality of your desk. How effective would you say it is right now? Can you find things quickly, do you have trays, organisers and desk tidies in appropriate places, within easy reach, is your desk an efficient setting, or could it do with a bit of revamp?  Look at your desk logically. If you are forever trying to locate things and nothing seems to be where you need it to be, maybe it’s time to streamline your work setting.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Once you clear away desk clutter and reorganise your desk, consider your position at work. By this we don’t mean your job title. We refer to how you sit at your desk, the position your chair is in and how comfortable it is to view your PC monitor, along with how accessible everything is on the desk.  If you struggle to reach items on the desk, find the chair is unsupportive or the computer screen is in the wrong place, consider the steps you could take to rectify this situation and improve the functionally of your desk this way.

These basic steps should improve your performance at work each day. At the very least they’ll make you and your desk more organised.