Discover simple ways to be healthier at work

We supply desks to a variety of businesses at Reception Desks Online, our delivery team is as fit as a fiddle and the rest of our team likes to stay trim as well.

How do you stay trim if you spend the vast amount of your day working behind a reception desk though, or stay seated at your office desk during the 9 – 5?

We’ve thought of a few ideas to stay healthy at work, change your routine and try these easy to implement ideas.

1. Try a cycle to work scheme

Do you live within cycling distance of the office?

If so, why not bike to and from work? It’s great for fitness and it’ll save you money as well, wouldn’t it be great to reduce the cost of your commute?

Use cycle lanes to avoid the morning and evening traffic, enjoy the freedom and flexibility this brings. Invest in a decent set of waterproofs, even if you simply cycle to work during the summer months it’s still a healthier option.

2. Hit the gym

Go to the gym before work, pop to the local leisure centre during your lunch hour or enjoy a workout after work.

Start a new regime where you incorporate a workout into your working week, you’ll soon be in the swing of things and feeling the benefits as a result.

3. Ditch the lift

Work on the second floor of your building?  Try taking the stairs instead of using the lift.

Walk up and down the stairs whenever you enter or exit the building and this should tone your legs in next to no time and improve your cardiovascular function as well.

4. Watch what you eat

Like to chomp on a choccy bar mid-morning or tuck into a Pot Noodle at lunch?

Change your dietary habits. Take healthier food to work with you.

Fill plastic tubs with salads, try couscous, pasta and ditch the bread. Lay off fatty foods, avoid those bacon butties from the breakfast van, think of your waistline and take healthier food to work with you.

5. Get up and move about

Staying static won’t do your waistline any good. Okay, you have a desk job but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t move about from time to time.

Volunteer to do the photocopying for the team, take the post to the mailroom, make a drink for the team and move about as often as you can.

It’s not healthy to stay static for long periods of time, even if you simply nip to the reception desk to provide cover for your pal, at least your body will be active for a short period of time.


How do you stay fit at work?

We’d love to hear your ideas at Reception Desks Online.