Easy ways to create the perfect reception area

A reception is the first area clients and customers see when they visit your premises. This is the zone that welcomes them to the company, it’s the entranceway to your empire and you have one shot at making a good impression.

We have a stylish range of solutions at Reception Desks Online designed to improve the look and appeal of your company.

We’ll supply the desk, you provide the creativity, fill your reception with some of these suggestions.

A warm, friendly smile

It’s all well and good having a stylish desk in your reception but you need somebody sat behind it that oozes confidence and charm.

Clients like to be greeted by a friendly face. They don’t want to see a surly, sourpuss sat behind the desk with all the charisma of a grumpy librarian.

Make your desk the focal point of the room and choose your receptionist wisely, they’re a vital cog for the company.

Comfy seating

Guests and visitors shouldn’t be kept waiting too long in the reception area, this looks bad on your business.  A small wait is acceptable just as long as you provide comfortable seating.

Think about the ergonomics and comfort levels of the seating in your reception area. Make sure it coordinates with the desk by all means but go for comfort above everything else.

Tasteful ambience

You’ve got the desk, you’ve thought about the style and the comfort of the reception seating, now take a look around, what is the reception area missing?

How about a little ambience?

Flood the area with feature lighting, nice decor and corporate charm – that’s the look you should be aiming for.

Pick warm colours for walls and make guests feel welcomed straight away.

Tastefully dress the area, and offer refreshments for visitors, that’ll help them feel settled and it’s a nice touch to add to your reception.