Entertaining the Children in the office!

The school holidays are upon us and if you like me occasionally have to bring a child or grandchild into work her are a few of tips that may help.

1, Put a second keyboard (not connected!) next to yours and let then time away with you so that they can be pretending to work with you. Interest rating. 3-4 minutes ( if your lucky)

2, Give then lots of your printer paper and all of you highlighters (you can always buy more) and apparently baby oil brings highlighter off delicate skin without too much scrubbing! Interest rating – depends on how long the highlighters last!

3, Let them laminate all of the pictures they have drawn, with supervision of course, and then remember to buy more laminating pouches. Interest rating – until you run out of laminating pouches.

4, If you have any boxes lying about give them to the children, they can create the most wonderful things and this will keep them occupied. Interest rating  for a  5 to 10 minutes depending on how many boxes you have.

5, Bubble wrap, children love to pop bubble wrap (as do adults) it is also good to use to “dress up” with a role of Selotape you just might get an interest rating of 10 minutes from this!


1, Selotape with one child is fine but with two may cause problems and never ever let them near packaging tape.

2, Children always need to use the toilet at least five times more often than when at home.

3, Never leave the phone unattended with the children near as you client just might find our that mummy/grandma has gone for a wee!.

Hope these help! if you have any tips on “children in the office” then please let me know.