Fire risk assessment – the 5 steps you need to take

It’s mandatory that anybody who has control of a business premises takes reasonable action towards the prevention of fire.

If you’re unsure about the level of fire safety in your building then keep on reading. We’ve put together 5 steps that you need to take to ensure that your premises are adequately protected.

  • Identify all hazards – The first part of ensuring that you comply with regulations is to identify all fire hazards in the building. There are some hazards that are more common than others such as sources of ignition, sources of oxygen and sources of fuel. Make sure that you identify all hazards in your building.
  • Who is at risk? – Now that you’ve established where the hazards are you need to establish who’s at risk. People working close to the hazards are at risk, children, the elderly etc.
  • Remove, reduce and protect from risk – So now you know who’s in danger and what from you can take preventative action to ensure that they’re safe. For example, highly flammable products should be removed, and a safe smoking policy should be put in place. Once this has been completed, you should reassess the situation. If there is still a chance of danger then further action must be taken to eliminate the risk.
  • Record and train – You need to note down the hazards you found in step 1, all the people who you identified to be a risk in step 2 and what you did to prevent injury in step 3. You should also put into place fire safety training for employees working with flammable and dangerous equipment.
  • Review – Lastly schedule reviews for the rest of the year. In this review you should reassess the risks in your building and alter your prevention methods if need be.