Focussing at work: how to beat the distractions

Working life is full of distractions. One minute you’re plugging away at your keyboard, the next a conversation has started up across the office about a TV show you saw last night and you want in.

These distractions can quickly ruin workflow.

To help ensure you remain on top of your game and focused at your desk, we’ve put together a few tips.

Get the right table and chair combo

You spend the majority of your day tied to your desk working away, so make sure that it’s working for you. Discomfort is pretty distracting, so get the right chair and a desk that’s go enough space for you to comfortably work.

At Reception Desks Online we stock a range of desks to help you create the ideal working environment.

Tune out

At work, you need focus on the task at hand. But everything outside of that task is a distraction. Your emails, colleagues, and social media can all halt your focus.

Find a way to cut that outside world out. If you can, find a silent place to work. Failing that, pick a music streaming service, get a subscription, and create some playlists to tune out to.

Plan your distractions

We’re painting distractions in a bad light here, but there can be beneficial. Staring at your screen for eight hours a day isn’t good for you, after all.

So think ahead and plan some distractions. They can be a reward for your continued focus on a task. Or they can just be a few minutes away from your monitor.

They’ll help you recharge your batteries and ensure you stay on top of your game.

Stock up on snacks

Trying to focus when hungry is next to impossible. So stock your desk up with energy snacks to keep you fuelled from 9-5 and help you get your jobs done.

Don’t be afraid to drink a little coffee either. It can give you the kick you need and help you focus.


In working hours you shouldn’t be looking at social media. It’ll take you off task and ruin your flow. So leave the social sites out until you’re home. It’s not that hard, is it?