Four reasons you keep hiring the wrong people

Have you had a bad run of employing people that just aren’t good enough? Have they been with you two months and shown that they aren’t the candidate you first thought?

If you’re nodding along you’re probably becoming increasingly frustrated.

Why do you keep hiring the wrong people?

Well here we’re going to look at four of the most common reasons businesses hire the wrong guy.

You rushed the process

If workload is increasing and you don’t have the manpower to deal with, you’ll be in a rush to hire. This is completely understandable. But don’t skim through CVs or try and blast through interviews. You need to take your time with both to find out whether the candidate you’re looking at is worth it.

You hired solely on skill

Imagine this: you have two candidates coming in for an interview on the same day. One of them is perfect in almost every way in terms of skill set. They have the experience; they know what they’re doing. But in the interview, they’re off. They seem completely uninterested. They switch off when you ask them questions about the job; they just, don’t, care.

The other candidate is less equipped in terms of skill set. He’s a university graduate. In the interview he seems so excited at the prospect of working with you. Sure, he’ll need a little more training and time to get into the role, but he’s passionate.

It’s the second candidate you should go for. Skill set is no good if the person wielding it doesn’t care at all about the business they’re working for.

You didn’t check references

One extremely good way to find out if the candidate is right for the job is to speak to previous employers and references. They’re put on CVs for a reason – they matter.

So don’t fail to follow references up.

You hire staff family members and friends

It’s okay to hire friends and family of staff. But remember that your employees are likely to oversell them. So take your time to check that they can do the things your staff member said they can.

The simple trick to hiring the right person is to be as thorough as possible. And that’s it!