Hello February!

Hello February

This month seems the perfect opportunity to share our checklist below, which helps us to ensure that our clients                     love their new reception desks:-

 1.    Purpose 

  • How many receptionists will work at the desk?
  • Do you need provision at the desk for computer monitors, printers or security equipment?
  • Should monitors be visible to your visitors or concealed behind a privacy top box?
  • Will the desk need to be accessible to wheelchair users?
  • Are visitors required to sign in?  Do you prefer a high-level counter for them to lean on or a standard desk-high surface, perhaps with a raised glass signing shelf?
  • Will the receptionist need storage?  What would work best: pedestals, shelving or cupboards?
  • Are there any structural considerations, such as walls or columns?
  • How will the receptionist access the desk?

  2.    Image

  • Will the reception desk be purely functional or does it need to be bold and make a statement?
  • Should it be curved, straight or a combination of both?
  • How should the desk be finished?  Wood effect or block colour or a combination of both?  

3.    Helpful information

  • A simple drawing or sketch of the proposed reception area with measurements and any structural elements or power supplies clearly marked

A clear understanding of our client’s needs and specification is paramount to manufacturing a reception desk from our ranges of standard or bespoke modular units that not only fulfils their requirements, but does so in the most cost effective way.