Hiring a receptionist? Here’s what to look for

Skilled receptionists are in high-demand. They help businesses stay on top of admin work, they portray the business for client’s who come visiting your office, and they can help up morale. But what makes a good receptionist and how can you ensure you are hiring one?

To help, we have put together a quick rundown on what to look for when hiring a receptionist.

Appearance – Your receptionist will be the person welcoming newcomers to the business the minute they walk through the door, so they should make a great first impression. The way they dress on interview day should be a good indicator, but don’t focus just on dress sense. Their demeanour is important too. Do they maintain eye contact? Are they conversational? Do they smile often?

The more affable they are, the better the first impression they’ll give to visitors.

Communication – The receptionist spends their day communicating with everyone from printing suppliers to team leaders, so it’s imperative their communication skills are up to par. They should be able to initiate a conversation with ease, and make people feel comfortable in their company. That’s because they will most likely be dealing with newer employees or nervous interviewees!

Adaptability – Receptionists are the pen knives of the office world. They can use their initiative and skill set to tackle a huge range of jobs, making them an incredibly useful asset. A good receptionist should have strong organisational skills and attention to detail so that they can juggle the many projects on their plate and complete them efficiently.

A proficiency with technology

From organising faxes to be sent out to printing out whole presentations – the modern receptionist comes face to face with a lot of technology in their day to day role. You don’t want to hire a receptionist who isn’t tech savvy, because they’ll need a whole lot of training.

So those are the four most important things to look for in your receptionist. In need of the desk too? Reception desks online have a huge stock of desks, ensuring that you can find one best suited to your space.