How to become a good receptionist


Keeping a schedule is essential for getting through the day and week; you can order tasks by their priority to help you work through them. It can also help to have a properly ordered filing system. Make sure it is arranged in the best way for you. Important phone numbers need to be kept handy at all times to maximise efficiency and minimise any rushing or panicking.

Friendly and Polite Manner

As the first person to greet customers and clients, you need to be a friendly face but also retain a level of polite professionalism. It is your job to aid the customer but don’t waste time keeping them entertained. As long as you have taken their name and organisation (if necessary), offered them a drink and seat, and notified the relevant person about their arrival, they can be left alone.

Be Dependable

With the whole office or workplace relying on you at some point or other, you need to be a trustworthy figure that staff can approach. As a middle man to other staff members, it is your role to point people in the right direction.

Listening skills

A lot of your role will be spent listening to customers, clients or other members of staff, either on the telephone or in person, so make sure you are alert and awake to help deal with their situations or issues.

Be Vigilant

Make sure you have an awareness of what is going on around you. People will often come to you first as you are the front of house. If there are any particular meetings taking place in the office or if another member of staff is absent then you need to know in case this overlaps with any customer or colleague queries.

Time Management

Receptionists are often underestimated, but like many other job roles, working on reception can be highly demanding and will deliver a busy workload. Prioritising tasks and working to a system that is effective for you is a must.

Basic understanding of technology

Knowing the basic way to navigate a computer and telephone is vital. Your company may have a specific computer system or software it works under which you will need to have a basic understanding of. This will save time and make you more efficient.