How to choose the right office space for your business

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start up or a well established organisation. The office is as important to your business as anything else. The hub of activity. The home of your work.

So it’s important you find the space that’s right for you.

But how? There are so many places available in cities and towns across the country how can you tell which is the one best?

Let’s find out…


Firstly ask yourself: where do you want to call home?

The most popular and often best option is where you are right now. The place the business started. That is unless the business is growing at an exponential rate and you need to move your industry ‘capital’.

When deciding on the place to pin your business, consider things like diarised closures in the area of the building you’re looking at. The local reputation, amenities and transport. You need to be sure that the place you’re throwing your hat is suitable to host a business.

If it isn’t, you’ll struggle to survive.


Depending on your business and industry, moving near an organisation you’re in competition with might not be a smart move. Especially if that competition is bigger than you.

Why? Because you’ll struggle to stand against them. You’re trying to make progress on their ground.

On the other hand, you might be able to outdo them with lower prices and better quality products. Consider how local competition will affect you carefully.


Size matters. So make sure you have enough of it. When you’re looking at buildings you need to know for certain whether you can fit all staff members inside. You also need to look at your business’s growth.

By how many people do you expect your staff numbers to rise in the next year? You need to make sure you can accommodate them too.

Otherwise you’ll find yourself moving more often than you’d like.

Take time over your office move. It’s a big decision and can greatly impact your organisation. And once you have moved in, why not give us call? We have a range of reception desks and office furniture perfect for your business!