How to make a good first impression

The receptionist, more often than not, sits at the front line of the business. It’s their job to welcome people in and make a good first impression every time. If they don’t, it reflects badly on the business.

First impressions really do count, after all.

If you’re starting out behind a reception desk here are our top tips on how you can make a great and lasting impression.


First and foremost, you’re going to be judged on the way you look. If there are business clients coming in and you’re dressed in slacks and a t-shirt they aren’t going to take you or the company seriously. So dress accordingly – if you’re business is the creative casual type then jeans and a t-shirt might just cut it. If the business is a little more formal, a suit may be the most appropriate!

Don’t let your bad day show

Bad days happen. They’re an unavoidable fact of life. Just don’t turn your bad day onto whoever is visiting the office. It’s difficult, but you need to be all-smiles and professional as possible when people arrive. Not miserable and rude to them.

It’s not their fault that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Your body language

Certain studies have shown that a person’s body language is one of the greatest influencers when it comes to first impressions. Two of the most important things are posture and body language. Keep your back straight and lift your head up. Maintain eye contact too. If you greet someone slouched and avoiding eye contact then you’ll struggle to make a lasting impression.

Show interest

You might not have anything in common with the person you’re welcoming. They might be the most boring person you’ve ever met. But that doesn’t mean you should switch off. Show interest in the things they like and follow up with questions on those subjects. People love to talk about what they’re interested in. So make life easier for them.

First impressions are everything. Especially in business. So if you’re acting as the front line at the reception desk, make sure you make the right impression with these four tips.