How to make your office more festive this year

As December approaches many offices up and down the country start preparing for Christmas. If your office shuts down over Christmas and New Year then you may have a lot of work on at the moment in preparation. However, an increased workload shouldn’t mean you can’t find time to inject a bit of festive cheer into your working day! Here are some simple tips to help you and your colleagues feel more festive this December…

  • Decorate the office: Bring some tinsel in from home or pick some up from your local pound shop and decorate the desk dividers and computer monitors. You could even put up a mini Christmas tree in a corner of the office and hang chocolate decorations from it. When someone shows festive cheer or demonstrates the company values why not reward them with a chocolate off the tree; things like this really boost team morale!
  • Have a Christmas jumper day: Organise one day in December (or several days if you fancy!) where everyone comes into work wearing Christmas jumpers! You can pick them up really cheap in Primark and some larger supermarkets and they really help people to have a laugh and get in the festive mood. If you have a charity that your company supports you could ask all employees to make a contribution on jumper day in order to raise money for your charity.
  • Play Christmas songs: As it gets closer and closer to Christmas there’s nothing like a few festive tunes to get people in the mood. The old ones like Wizzard’s ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’, and Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ spark nostalgia and make us think back to our happy childhood Christmases!
  • Have a Christmas bake sale: Everyone loves a bit of cake at Christmas, and most offices have a few keen bakers within them. Why not organise a bake sale and ask people to bring in homemade Christmas themed cakes to sell to colleagues for charity?
  • Organise a secret Santa: This is a great way for everyone in the office to be guaranteed to receive a Christmas present without spending a fortune. Put everyone’s names into a hat and ask each participant to draw a name out. Everyone should keep the name secret and buy a gift for that person within the pre-agreed budget.

No one particularly enjoys working over Christmas but with a few simple touches like the ones above you can make the office feel like a fun and festive place to be, even when the weather is a bit bleak outside!