Improving office morale – a guide

Team morale is one of the most important elements of office life. And if morale is low, any manager will have difficulty keeping on top of workloads and dealing with conflicts. So what can you do to boost team morale in times of hardship?

Their impact

Employee low points come at a time when they feel that their job is just that. A job. It pays the bills, but there’s no love for what they do. And that’s often a product of them simply not knowing the effect they have on customers, the business, and the team around them.

So change that. Give out weekly success stories describing how one employees work had a knock on effect and really benefited someone, somewhere. It’s such a simple thing to do that it’s mad how many businesses don’t implement it!

Time to do what they love

This might seem like a bit of a carefree attitude, but there are a lot of businesses adopting this technique.

Give your employees a day to work on whatever interests them, just as long as it’s related to the business. Then, ask employees to present what they’ve worked on. It means that each employee can put their focus into something that they actually enjoy doing – which will only be good for morale!

And how does it help the business? Well if the employees are working on stuff they’re interested in, they’re going to come up with some pretty innovative ideas. In fact, many businesses that have adopted this have found the day they allow free reign to be the most productive in the week!


You should encourage all employees to try their hand at different roles in the business. Self development is an important part of staying happy, so make sure that you give all employees a chance to learn new skills.


It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it does work. If there are employees working their socks off, and not being recognised for that hard work, you’re doing something wrong. No wonder morale is low!

Reward hard work. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything expensive – maybe even just a box of chocolates. But it’ll make a huge difference.