Killer skills to nail it as a receptionist

Receptionists are the first point of contact for companies. This is an important role. Not everyone is suited to this position, it takes a special skill set and you need a particular type of personality to nail it as front of house staff.

Strong customer service skills will certainly help if you are considering a role as a receptionist. You need to be on your game throughout the working day, utilising a host of talents to perform effectively in this role, create a great first impression by strengthening in these areas.       

Sit at a reception desk and you should:

1. Raise a killer smile

One of the easiest ways to make visitors feel welcome is to smile broadly as soon you make eye contact. Straight away they’ll feel good about themselves and this means they’re more than likely going to feel good about you and the business you work for too.

Provide a warm, friendly greeting and use a killer smile to start things off on the right foot.

2. Hone note taking skills

As a receptionist you’ll be expected to take messages. Not only will you have to write down information from clients and visitors to the building, there’ll be countless incoming telephone calls, and you might have to take notes to relay details to other people.

The devil is in the detail when taking notes.  Write down names, company details and any useful information you think is important so you can effectively relay the message to all relevant parties. A lot could be riding on the outcome and it looks unprofessional if you don’t bother to write down key details.

3. Have a great telephone manner

The best receptionists have excellent telephone skills. They’re polite when they answer the phone, listen carefully to the caller, and repeat messages back if they need to relay important details to third parties. They know how and where to direct incoming calls, ensure the caller is kept waiting for the minimum amount of time and their telephone skills are proficient, efficient and a credit to the company. Plus they answer incoming calls straight away, responding to clients as fast as they can.

4. Strengthen listening skills 

You need to have good listening skills as a receptionist too. Be prepared to listen carefully on the telephone or during face-to-face meetings with customers visiting your company. It can be frustrating for clients if they have to repeat themselves because you failed to listen in the first place. Don’t let this happen, listen attentively and react accordingly to what is being said.

These killer skills will certainly help you to become an effective receptionist. Practice them the next time you are seated at a reception desk.