Lets get moving!


Summer is finally upon us and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably be wondering how to get your body beach ready.  Bringing healthy moves into your daily office routine won’t turn you into a ripped adonis or a beach goddess, but it could contribute towards your long-term health.

Research shows that sitting all day is generally a bad idea, so moving your body, every half an hour if possible, could help to limit the harmful effects of desk jobs and other sedentary lifestyles.  So… maybe we could try: -

Getting up and stretching or moving a little every 30 minutes

Taking the stairs instead of the lift

Going for a walk at lunchtime

Holding a walking meeting instead of being seated

Doing a workout during the day, if you have the time and flexibility in your job

Wearing ankle weights and doing some leg lifts under the desk

Pedalling a mini exercise bike under your desk

Whatever you do, we wish you all a happy, sunny and active June :-D