Organising your desk – how to do it right

The office desk. You spend more time there than pretty much anywhere else in your life, so it needs to be organised. Otherwise, it’ll hinder your workflow and kill productivity.

But where do you even start when it comes to organising your desk?

What needs to stay? What can go? What should you buy?

Here’s our rundown on organising your work desk.

Unclutter your surface space

Over the course of the day, your work surface probably fills up with a whole load of junk. From coffee cups to scraps of paper. This doesn’t help productivity.

Keep a bin underneath your desk so that any clutter can be thrown straight into the bin without hassle.

Your pocket stuff

On the way to work, you probably have pockets crammed with all the stuff you need to hand. Keys, phone, MP3 player, headphones – all of these things need a place on your desk. If you can, get a hold of some drawers, and have any charging cables lead up to these drawers. That way you don’t have tech items taking up space on your desk while charging.[

Easy file access

As well as gathering useless clutter through your day (which can now be thrown in the bin!) you rpbably gather some pretty important documents. And they shouldn’t go anywhere near the bin. Avoid keeping these in piles on your desk. Not only does this make finding the thing you need harder, but it looks messy too.

Purchase some paper trays and keep them next to your computer monitor.

Keep some cleaning supplies

Keeping a clean desk help you keep organised. Anti-bacteria wipes, micro-fibre cloths, surface cleaner, hand sanitizer – whatever you think you might help keep your desk as clean as possible.

If you’ve bought some drawers as suggested then you can keep all your cleaning products in there.

Here at Reception Desks Online we sell quality, durable desks and other desk accessories that’ll help you stay as organised as possible.