Our top tips for creating a home office

So you’ve started to work from home. You’re enjoying having more time with the kids and not having to do the hellish commute. But you’re becoming a little tired of having to work on your kitchen table and perched on your bed.

So it’s time to make space for your home office. You can finally do it.

To help you make the most productive room possible we’ve put together our top tips for creating your very own home office.

Get the right desk and chair

Work takes up nearly all of your week. Make sure you spend some money on a quality desk and chair because it’s important you’re comfortable, otherwise productivity is going to drop like a lead weight.

We sell a range of bespoke and standard desks here on our site. So get your home office off to a flyer with a desk that works for you.

Don’t mix work with pleasure

One thing you must be careful of when working from home is the temptation to use your office as a play space too. Don’t stack it with games consoles, DVDs, a music system, instruments, or stuff like that.

Because they’ll distract you.

Your office is a place of work. Not play.

Regularly update your tech

In this age we rely heavily on technology to get though our working day. Make sure your tech is up to date and running reliably. Have your computer regularly checked over. Always perform system updates. Keep your eye out for viruses.

Because if your computer goes down, you’ll be lost.

Personalise it

It’s important that spending time in your home office isn’t hell. Like I said, you’ll be spending more time in there than anywhere else, so make sure you’re happy to be in there.

Make it a personal space with pictures of family, add colour and make it comfortable!

Don’t overdo it

Make sure that you don’t clutter the office with different things though. Try and keep the furniture to a minimum and have plenty of open space so you can get up and stretch your legs whenever you need to.

A home office when done well can make you a very productive person. But it can kill productivity just as easily. Make sure you get the right balance!