Reception Storage

All of our reception desk storage units are available as standard or bespoke units to match our reception desk ranges.

We offer under-desk shelf, cupboard and drawer storage, pigeon-hole, horizontal and vertical top unit storage cassettes.

Our storage units can be free-standing or built into the reception desk.

We also manufacture tray storage that we primarily supply to schools, but it can also prove to be very useful in offices and medical environments, for storing information leaflets and client information cards / care plans . We can also, if required, add a lockable door to any of our tray storage units.

To qualify for free delivery storage must be ordered and delivered with a reception desk.

Compact 3 drawer desk high pedestal shown with a shelf unit

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This 3 drawer desk high pedestal is only 500mm wide x 400mm deep and is shown with the shelf unit on the Flex compact reception desk.