Special Offer for July 2019

During JULY we  are offering a 20% DISCOUNT off

 orders for our FLEX reception desks


 Flex Maple Walnut  Flex Maple Blue   Oak & Burgundy 03   crop Beech and green desk  SV400016


20% off orders received in July for any Flex reception desk 

Standard delivery and installation:  the assembly, levelling and fastening together of the reception / storage  units supplied to the dimensions discussed with and agreed to by the client to a ground floor location (with adequate parking) cleared and ready, anytime between the hours of 7am to 5pm* Monday to Friday. No other on-site work is carried out (*time at our convenience).

Our ranges of reception desks and storage units have panel end legs and backs, therefore, if they are to go against a wall, the wall must be flat, without skirting boards or plug sockets prior to the delivery.

Should you require a specially timed, dated or non-ground floor delivery (non–standard) there will be an extra charge.

For further information please call us on 01422 382788.