The failsafe guide to chair comfort

Having a funky desk is one thing. Sitting in the right position at your workstation is something else. The surprising thing is not many people know how to position their chair properly when they sit at a desk and this often leads to back pain.

To avoid this we thought we’d highlight a few areas you need to address.

To get comfortable at work you need to…

Think about your back

Keep your back supported when you sit in a chair. Adjust the chair so your knees are level with your hips and the back rest is perfectly upright. Any deviation from this action and it could result in you sitting incorrectly which places a strain on your back.

Set the chair height

Get the chair height right before you start working. Ideally your arms and wrists should be straight and level with the floor when you work on a keyboard. Whichever chair you choose, make sure you can adjust the height up and down to secure the right position.

Place feet on the floor

Aim to have your feet flat on the floor and this should prevent problems with poor posture. If you struggle placing your feet flat on the floor use a footrest and avoid crossing your legs which can lead to poor circulation.

Look at the screen

Now you have adjusted your chair for optimum comfort check to see where the computer screen is. The top of the screen should be more or less at eye level or thereabouts, if the chair feels good but the screen is too low think about using a monitor stand.

Use extra lumbar support

If it feels like you could do with additional lumbar support see if your chair can be adjusted in this area. If not, add a lumbar support ‘pillow’ to the backrest of the chair, this should assist your back and help to reduce the chances of back-related problems at work.

Spend a little time getting your chair right and you’ll feel comfortable and have total support as you work at your reception desk.