What NOT to do when you arrive for a job interview

You’ve arrived at the interview for you dream job. You’re asked to wait at the reception desk. This is where it begins. But it’s also where everything could go wrong.

To help make sure that you don’t trip up we’ve put together a few handy tips.

No swearing – First and foremost, watch you words. Receptionists are friendly and they’re probably going to make you feel comfortable and start a conversation.

You need to be careful though. Don’t go swearing your way through a story about how drunk you got last weekend. They will report back to the person who has been interviewing you.

Wrong attitude – It’s important that you show you want to work at the business the minute you walk through the door. That means you need to immediately start moaning about the location of the offices or the type of business.

Don’t walk in and immediately judge the people who work there either. You could be working with them very soon.

Body language – As we said earlier, the receptionist is probably watching your every move before the interview, so you can’t let your guard down for one second.

Body language is everything. Don’t sit with your arms crossed. Don’t slouch. Don’t sit with your head in your hands.

Sit openly, back straight and chin up.

Confidence – Whilst we’re on the subject of confidence, you should make sure you do all you can to show that you are confident. Don’t stutter your way through conversation when you arrive. Maintain eye contact when you’re talking and make sure you use a firm handshake.

Confidence goes a long way when interviewing for a job.

Dress – First impressions are everything and the minute you walk into reception eyes will be on you. If you’ve turned up in a track suit, you aren’t going to get the job. Turned up in a suit, and you’re in the running.

Even if the interview invite said ‘casual’, still make a small effort to look reasonably smart.

When you arrive at reception the interview has started. Remember that and don’t let yourself down!